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To deliver services and activities to support the community by improving their personal skills, health, wellbeing, and life circumstances


A resilient united community through enabling and supporting personal development and community cohesion

EASE’s Charitable Objects

To relieve poverty and advance education, in particular but not exclusively, by the provision of training courses and youth activities to persons who are in conditions of need, hardship, or distress by reason of their social or economic circumstances


EASE’s values: are about us, our principles and what we stand for and how we hold ourselves accountable to the people and communities we serve. We live our values by:

  • Put people first

  • Act with integrity

  • Respect others

  • Take pride in what we do

  • Strive for excellence

What we do

Because our staff live in the same communities in which they work, and have experienced the same or similar issues as families that need help, our most important ingredient is our ability to engage a family and build trust.

EASE has always sought to respond to the immediate and underlying problems faced by our community. These problems have grown quickly in scope and seriousness in recent years and have been exacerbated by the effects of COVID- 19, and as a result new challenges to community resilience are appearing.

Evidence from EASE’s services, government sources and charity research shows that poverty and ill health (both physical and mental) are the major factors destructively impacting on individual lives, families and communities, and the effects of the COVID pandemic are increasing the scope and depth of these impacts.

It is members of the community affected by these issues that EASE urgently wants to support.  We believe that giving the emotional and practical help they need at the earliest possible point increases their ability to improve life circumstances.

Therefore, all of EASE’s services and projects aim to meet one or more of our 3 aims:

  • Increase personal skills to improve resilience and life prospects

  • Increase sense of community and social cohesion

  • Improve health and wellbeing of people of all ages

EASE is a Community Development Charity


Who We Are

We are a community development charity that provides access to information, activities and training

What We Provide

EASE provides support services to individuals and families living in London Borough of Ealing

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