E.A.S.E. (Empowering Action & Social Esteem) Ltd aims to build a resilient united community through enabling and supporting personal development and community cohesion We are a community development charity that provides access to information, activities, training, and support services to individuals and families living in Ealing.

We believe that, in order to provide an effective and sustainable response to the needs of the community, we have to meet the needs of individuals and how they affect change in the environment in which they live. We believe that we cannot work with one group within the community in isolation. Therefore, various projects have been developed in response to the needs highlighted by our service users, volunteers, and other stakeholders.

EASE has held the Copley Close Children’s Centre contract since April 2011 and has been a partner (or ‘linked site’) since 2007. During this time innovative and successful projects have been created, which are well used.

More information on Children’s Centres boroughwide can be found at:

Ealing Borough wide Family Information services

EASE runs 3 youth clubs per week based on local estates of which 74% of our young people live. Our youth clubs are based on three main outcomes which supports our young people to:

  • Strengthen personal, social and formal relationships
  • Improve health and welling and reduce risky behaviour
  • Increase confidence and optimism for the future

EASE is also the Locally Trusted Organisation for Hanwell Big Local, a £1m 10-year project to create lasting change in the community. Hanwell Big Local is led by a partnership of local residents. EASE has been working with HBLP as LTO for 7 years and a very creative synergy and overlap has developed between the two, to the benefit of both. Please see the HBL tab for more information on the Hanwell Big Local project.

History of EASE

Founder Jackie Sear set up EASE (Empowering Action & Social Esteem) Ltd in 2001 after moving onto Copley Close estate in Hanwell. By 2005, she had successfully secured premises on the estate to run services. The services that were run confirmed the theory underpinning all of EASE’s work.

EASE believed then and still believes that we must work to provide access to person and community development in tandem as these areas of development compliment each other and working in this holistic way is financial, environmentally and socially sustainable.

In 2013, EASE saw the handover of Managing Director to Michelle Bailey who had always been involved as a volunteer in the Charity. During the same period, EASE also moved premises to Hanwell Community Centre due to the regeneration of Copley Close estate. This move meant that EASE increased their area to other local estates and roads as the premises were more central for all. Michelle has worked tirelessly on service quality and ensuring the projects EASE runs are based on community and social need. Michelle has a dedicated and caring team full of enthusiasm and ideas to assist their various clients.